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64: Dr. Jon Kerr

LD Rider Dr. Jon Kerr talks about health during long distance rides, deer, and the best way to repair a motorcycle by urinating on it.  Yes, you read that right.

63: Bob Bowman

2017 Big Money Rally winner Bob Bowman talks about his experiences on the Big Money Rally as well as other rallies.

62: Jason Jonas and Spotwalla.com

Jason Jonas joins me to talk about the mighty Spotwall.com, among other topics.

If you use Spotwalla to help give your friends and family some piece of mind while you're on the road, please consider shooting a donation over to Jason.  Here's the link.

61: Iron Butt Rally Ride Report - Part 2

Guest host Tim Bowman continues his talk with Justin about his experience on the Iron Butt Rally.

NOTE:  If you're having audio issues around the 50 minute mark of this episode, please redownload!  The audio got corrupted somehow and I had to replace it.  

60: Iron Butt Rally Ride Report - Part 1

Guest host Tim Bowman talks with Justin about his experience on the Iron Butt Rally.


Part 2 is here

59: Live from the NiiTWiT Rally

This is the audio-only version of the live webstream on Oct 27, 2017.  Justin talks with Troy Martin and Paul Tong from NiiTWit Rally Headquarters.

The video version can be found on Facebook or YouTube.

58: 2017 IBR Scribe John Harrison

2017 IBR Scribe John Harrison talks about what it took to bring you all the news of the IBR.

57: 2017 IBR Rally Master Jeff Earls

Jeff Earls talks about how he planned the route for the 2017 Iron Butt Rally

55: John Doughty's 100,000 Mile Year

John Doughty talks about his quest to join the 100,000 mile club.