Long Riders Radio

The LD Rider's Podcast

1: Intros, Motobriiz Chain Oiler, Steve Bracken


Show notes

Episode 1

Welcome message - hosted by Mike with the R12RT starting

Standard introductory theme - Lyle Lovett, Joss Whedon

Introductory banter - hosted by Mike and Eric

A personal introduction - Mike talks about his start with the IBA and some of his experiences

A personal introduction - Eric talks about the start and continued of his membership in IBA

A review of the Motobriiz chain oiler - Eric shares what he knows about a new, forced air chain oiler

An Interview with Steve Bracken - Mike chats with a well-known LD rider (noisy, but informative)

LDR News and Events - Mike updates us on what is happening over the next few weeks and months

Closing comments and conclusion - Mike wraps up this, the first episode of a series, of a brand new podcasting series...

Mike's Standard closing theme - with the R12RT shutting down