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Beemer Buddies

Item Number: OBB-AB-SS

Apparently I wasn't the only one to notice that the handlebars on the R1200GS feel a bit smaller than they should.  After a big of searching I found the Original Beemer Buddies, which are piece of neoprene that wrap around the grips to enlarge them to a more comfortable circumference.  

They are pretty easy to install.  There is a piece of double-sided tape on one end which you stick on the grip, then wrap the neoprene around the grip and stick it to the tape.  Easy-schmeasy.

I found they actually made the grip a little bit larger than what I would prefer, however, this wasn't that big of a deal - they made my hands much more comfortable.  There is a big downside for me though, which after I discovered it was pretty obvious.  By installing a piece of neoprene on your grips, you've also installed a very effective piece of insulation as well.  The effectiveness of my heated grips was greatly diminished.  On low, I couldn't feel anything and on high you could barely feel the heat.  Not so great in the winter.

Also, they looks like you've slapped a piece of neoprene on your handlebars.  It wasn't a very clean install.  However, I could have definitely gotten past that if they didn't cut down on the heat transfer from the heated grips.  

I had them on for about a year, but ended up removing them.  The double-sided tape left some gunk behind, but Goof-Off removed this easily.