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BMW All Weather Cover

BMW Part Number: 71602346633

The factory cover for the R1200GS definitely lives up to its name as "all weather."  This thing is built like a tank and probably would be great if you had to leave the bike outside in a hurricane.  It has features such as:

  • Expandable sections to accommodate the factory panniers and top case;
  • A reflective strip about halfway up;
  • A little window in the back for easy viewing of the license plate;
  • Vents which....vent;
  • Two bungees at the bottom to secure the cover around the bike; and
  • Very heavy duty construction.

If you are using this cover in a garage as a dust cover, its probably a bit overkill and you could get something less expensive.  The best use case for this cover would probably be if you had to store the bike outside - and you had somewhere to store the cover when you took it off the bike.  The sheer bulk of this cover is its biggest downfall.  The cover comes with a storage sack that measures about 12" x 20", which by itself is pretty big.  However, the only way the cover is going back in that bag is if you carefully fold up the cover and force it back in.  Its not something you are going just wad up and shove in - its way too big.  

And don't even think about using this on a trip.  Even when carefully folded, it takes up a good portion of a pannier.  I tried putting it in a compression sack, which did reduce volume.  However it was such a pain to get in, that I went with another cover.  

The other downside to this cover is that its pretty difficult to get on.  In true BMW fashion, this cover is made to precisely fit the dimensions of this bike.  With the Adventure Panniers on, it really took some effort to stretch the cover around them and get everything in place.  In fact, putting the cover on actually exerted enough force on one of the mirrors that it was able to move the nut holding it in place.

No matter what, unless you really want the BMW name, you can probably find a better, less expensive cover.