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Stickers are here!


The long awaited Long Riders Radio sticker has arrived!  I just got a small batch in the mail today, and I'm am SUPER impressed with how they turned out.  So, how do you get your very own?  Click here and for only $3.55 (with free shipping) you can show your support for Long Riders Radio.

Next episode coming next week

February episode is going to be a little later than normal but we should have it out next week.

Podcast Listening Apps

iPad Today episode has some excellent apps and info on listening to podcasts. Ipad Today

Corrected Episode 6 Posted

My sincere apologies to Ellen and Ray.  With Ellen, I put the show without editing the end of her call and with Ray, left out his entire conversation.  So sorry, it's fixed and the corrected episode is available.  I hope I planned a better ride at How The West Was Won Rally this weekend than I did editing this episode.  

It's gonna be good

Interviewed a well known long distance rider tonight with some great content. Episode 3 coming up in early June and it's going to be good.Summer's coming and we'll also have some good info on how to stay cool and hydrated. Do you like gadgets? How about a review of some ride tracking/rescue technology? All coming soon on Long Riders Radio.

Rally Reports & More Soon

Episode 2 will have a couple of rally reports and more. I rode The Heart of Texas rally this weekend and had a chance to do a brief interview with the winner. It wasn't me but I had a great time and rode some fun roads. Look for our next episode by mid May at the latest.Anyone recognize this guy?


New Podcast Coming Soon

Eric and I are working on Episode 1 of Long Riders Radio, a podcast about long distance motorcycle riding, touring, and the farkles we love to put on our bikes.  Our plans are to publish an episode every month, so stand by for Episode 1. We hope that you enjoy listening, but above all, ride safe, and enjoy the ride!