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IBR Prep Sit Rep - December 2016

Since buying the FJR in August, I've done quite a bit of work on it.  I think it's mostly ready to go, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Seat:  I started the process of getting a custom seat from a shop in the area prior to riding the bike in the BMRx.  The initial results were less than stellar.  The first problem I've found is allowing myself to be talked into the leather covering.  It looks really nice, but was sliding all over it.  Every time I'd brake or even let off the gas, I would slide forward into the tank.  Second problem was the seating position facilitated sliding forward so I wasn't sitting in the pan itself.  After riding into the BMRx, I was in pretty bad shape in the seating area - soreness and monkey butt.  Not a good thing.

    I took the bike up to the shop last week to have them work on it.  The owner immediately identified that I was sliding forward on the seat just by looking at it.  I had high hopes that they could get it fixed.  After two test rides, it was better.  However, I was pretty sore from the ride up to the shop (it was that bad...) that I really didn't feel like I could judge it.  I took it for a ride today, and was disappointed.  Sliding forward is reduced, but still there.   The thing that worries me the most though is that the way they've built the seat causes me to have to lean much more forward than I used to be - and it's not comfortable.  Not good.

    To be honest, I don't have a great deal of confidence that this will be fixed without devoting a lot of time to it - and time is something that I don't really have a lot of.  As a backup plan, I ordered a Sargent seat today to try out.  I had a great experience with this seat on my GS.  If I can get something that works, I'll have time to get the custom seat dealt with.
  • Front end wobble:   This is apparently well known with FJRs. Best theory I've heard is that it's caused by the front tire that comes stock on the FJR.  Another good theory is that steering bearing should be tightened.   It's not horrible, but I'm still not thrilled.  I'll just have to ride the crap out of the bike and get through this set of tires.

There's a few other items that I'll need to deal with to, but aren't as critical.  I've got some BarkBusters on order that should be here in the next few days.  These aren't really for the IBR, but rather for winter riding around here.  I also need to figure out where the wonderful raw gas smell is coming from.  My best guess for this is that the tap for the aux tank is leaking a little bit.  I'm going to pull the tank and check it.

More to come-