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Kaoko Throttle Lock

Part Number: 044-2300

Prior to the GS, I had a KLR 650 with a throttle lock, which I used, but not really all that much..  After I got the GS and started riding longer distances, I quickly realized this was a very important piece of equipment.  

First and foremost, it gives you a chance to get your right hand off the throttle.  Having the ability to rest your right hand without having to decelerate is makes this a worthwhile purchase. However, with the Kaoko, you can also set it so it will still let the throttle off but providing enough resistance to make it much slower than normal.  I found this very useful while riding in traffic.  It really decreases the amount of pressure you have to put on the throttle and greatly reduces fatigue on your hand.

Installation was pretty easy.  The one catch is that you'll have to locate a T-55 Torx bit somewhere.  Its the only Torx screw this big on the bike and most sets go up to T-50.  Thanks BMW!  I found a set at Harbor Freight for $12 that also has a T-60 in it, not that you're going to need it.  

Pretty much all you have to do is pop off the right side handlebar weight and put this in its place.  Then adjust the set screw on the lock itself and you're done.  

The only thing I find myself wanting on this is the ability to immediately release the tension on the throttle. (My cheapo KLR lock had this) However, that's a pretty minor beef.