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Long Haul Paul Builds a Time Machine Out of a Motorcycle.

Well, not really.  

He is, however, figured out a way to ride 28 hours in one calendar day.  You can read all about it on his site.  

In a nutshell, he's planning on starting his ride in the Eastern Time Zone, then traveling westward across the country with midnight stalking him like a hungry predator.  Every time he crosses a time zone, he'll gain an hour.  If midnight catches him before he reaches Pacific Time, his motorcycle will turn into the pumpkin and he'll have to go back to his wicked stepmother's house in rags.  Oh wait, that's another story.

So why is he doing this? Aside from the obvious fun, he's hoping to raise $5,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. If you're interested in helping him out, here's the link to his donation page

Best of luck Paul!