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NoNoise Ear Plugs

I'd had a similar set of ear plugs that I used for shooting that I really didn't care for.  I thought they were uncomfortable and they didn't lower the sound level that much.

When I first got the NoNoise plugs, I liked them.  They seemed to work pretty good and were fairly comfortable.  They seemed to perform as advertised and I was able to hear my SENA SMH-10 just fine.

However...They had a very different personality when used for a long period of time.

The first day they were okay.  The second day, they started to get a little painful.  The third day, they hurt so much I had to abandon using them.

I'm also reasonably certain that I ruptured my ear drum.  This may or may not have been as a result of these plugs.  When I removed them after the third day, it was very painful,  there was blood on the plug, and I had a lot of ringing my ear.  Upon returning home, my doctor speculated that I had ruptured my ear drum as it was very thing.  By the time I had the appointment (one week later) it had healed.  

I my eardrum had, in fact, ruptured, it was probably because I was going over some very high passes and the seal in the ear canal is very tight.  

I didn't use them the remainder of the rally and will not be using them again.