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30: Matt Watkins' Get Off

Matt Watkins talks about his recent accident.




29: Tim Bowman and the British Isles - Part 2

Tim Bowman continues his story of his travels with his wife around Great Britain, Ireland and Europe.  Afterwards, he answers the LD Dozen.

28: Tim Bowman and the British Isles - Part 1

Tim Bowman talks about his travels with his wife around Great Britain, Ireland and Europe.  Part 1 of 2.

27: NoPolio! Rally Preview

Bob Mutchler stops by once again to give us a preview of the NoPolio! Rally.

Website: www.nopolio.org

If you are interested in buying a raffle ticket or just more information about the rally: http://www.nopolio.org/moreinfo.html

If you'd like to get ahold of Bob directly:  rpmutchler@aol.com



26: Chris Cimino - Iron Butt Rally Scribe

Chris Cimino stops by to give us a look behind the scenes of his world during the Iron Butt Rally.

25: Heart of Texas Rally Recap

James Stovall returns to give us the low-down on the results of the Heart of Texas Rally.


24: Steve Chalmers - MERA Menage-a-Trois Rally

MERA President Steve Chalmers talks about MERA's upcoming Menage-a-Trois rally in August, MERA's history, and answers the LD Dozen.

MERA's Website:  Utah1088.com

Menage-a-Trois Information and  Application


23: Pat Harris and His Trip Around the World

Pat Harris talks about the trip he took around the world on his F800GS.  

Pat's Reddit AMA

Pat's Website

Pat on Facebook

What is Reddit? (A YouTube Video by CGP Grey)


22: Hoagy Charmichael - Hoagy's Heroes

Hoagy Charmichael tells us all about Hoagy's Heroes - a long distance riding charity that benefits A Special Wish Foundation, The Children of Fallen Soldier's Relief Fund, and the August Levy Learning Center.  

Hoagy's Heroes

Hoagy's Heroes on Facebook

21: Moin Khan - A Different Agenda

Moin Khan talks about his ride from San Francisco to Lahore, Pakistan, starting a school and falling in love with his home country.