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Thoughts on Peter Behm

I never knew Peter Behm, but I did meet him once, fittingly enough at the IBA Memorial in Gerlach.  He, along with Derick Dickson, were the surprise IBA guests who met us at the bonus.  

Peter, me, and Derek Dickson at Butt Lite VIII
Photo by RenoGrace Austin

And when I say I met him, I mean I shook his hand, had my picture taken, and was running back to my motorcycle in the space of about a minute.  As with everything in a rally, it was go go go and I was more focused on getting my picture and getting back on the road than I was with talking to anyone.  (Add to that there was quite a line of other riders waiting get their pictures.)

From everything I've read, Peter was a genuinely wonderful human being.  It got me thinking about the the people who you see during a rally that you don't get a chance to really meet, and how important the pre and post rally events are.  It was then that I read a comment from Paul Slaton on the Big Money Rally's site that really summed up my feelings.  You can find that comment and ensuing replies here, along with RenoJohn's thoughts on Peter.  

With Paul's permission, I've republished his original comment it below. 

Sometimes we take for granted what an unbelievably special group of people we have in this community. I am no exception. I have squandered opportunity upon opportunity to spend time with people like Peter under the guise that I’m not worthy of their time. I have become aware that nothing is probably further from the truth.
I have denied myself the honor and the pleasure of spending time with people like Ardys Kellerman, John Ryan, and most recently, Peter Behm. Even though I met them, I can say that I really missed out on knowing them on a deeply personal level.
This is and will continue to be a travesty to anyone I interact with in the future.
These are the people who are the models for what it should be like in a perfect world. Selfless, gracious, unassuming, and uplifting. Oh yeah, and totally F*ing awesome!
So here’s the advice…take time to slow down a little bit and get to know the person you run into at a bonus. Chances are, especially in this rally, it will be someone amazingly special. I will guarantee you’ll be a better person for it. And what you gain will be a investment in the future of all you come in contact with.
Godspeed Peter and love and strength to Paula and your family.

Well said Paul.  I'll do my best to take your advice.

And to Peter, may you rest in peace.

More pictures of Peter at bigmoneyrally.com