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Touratech Handlebar Risers

Part Number: 044-1067

This is one of those things you don't know you need until you have it.   On the 2012 R1200GS, these bring the handlebars up just a little over an inch (30mm), but wow, it really makes a difference.  Mostly I noticed it in my lower back.

Like pretty much everything at Touratech, its not inexpensive.  However, after 15 hours in the saddle, I think most people would GLADLY pay $80 for these.

They go on fairly easy, once you figure out Touratech's always interesting directions.  It does have a nice bonus that you end up replacing some E-Torx bolts with hex bolts.  (One less tool to carry!) However, you still need the damn E-hex to get the handlebar off, but hey, they can burn in hell after that.

The directions have you (sort of) reroute the throttle cable with some black rubber spacers and some zip ties.  It seems like a rather chinsy solution, but it works.