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Be careful what you wish for...

The excitement has waned a little bit and now the nervousness has set in a little bit.  Okay, the excitement has waned much, I'm still pretty freaking excited that I get the opportunity to compete in the 2017 Iron Butt Rally. 

To say that this opportunity is humbling would be an understatement.  Since I first found ironbutt.com in 2013, my goal was to compete in the 2017 Iron Butt.  Little did I know then, that it's incredibly difficult to be drawn for a starting position. 

This will (obviously) be the most difficult trip I've made on my motorcycle and I can't wait to start.  There's a lot of work to do in the next 15 months, and I hope to document that in this blog. 



Older Episodes Relinked

I realized a few weeks ago that none of the episodes before about Episode 9 were linked to the audio file. 


This dates back to when I moved the website from Wordpress to Squarespace. 

I decided that today would be a good day to fix that and to make them, shall we say, a little less copyright infringing. 

All episodes should now be available, just without Lyle Lovett.

Want to help get rid of the ads?

Have I got a deal for you!  You can help rid this website of advertisements.  How, you ask?  Just head over to Patreon!  If we can raise $20/month, that pays for the website and we will be ADVERTISEMENT FREE.


New website!

Ever start tinkering with something on your bike, only to have it turn into a huge project?  That's pretty much what happened when I decided to transfer the longridersradio domain to my registrar from WordPress.  That one simple act led to a complete overhaul and transfer of the website to SquareSpace.   In the end, this will be a very positive change and allow a lot more flexibility for the site.  I just wasn't planning on doing it at 10:00 last night!

I still have to go back and repopulate all the prior episode files.  For what ever reason, they aren't accessable on the website, though the seem to be available on the RSS feed.  In any event, I'll keep working on it.

Stickers are here!


The long awaited Long Riders Radio sticker has arrived!  I just got a small batch in the mail today, and I'm am SUPER impressed with how they turned out.  So, how do you get your very own?  Click here and for only $3.55 (with free shipping) you can show your support for Long Riders Radio.

Washington State Lane Sharing

In the last two episodes, I've mentioned the bill going through the Washington State Legislature that would allow lane sharing.  One of the local shops interviewed the state Senator who sponsored the bill. After reading it, I think I gave some incorrect info in Episode 19.  (One day, maybe I'll post the outtakes of me trying to record this part of the show.  Let's just say it was more than one take and involved swearing.)