Long Riders Radio

The LD Rider's Podcast


Based on an idea heard on the Freakanomics Radio Podcast, we developed the LD Dozen.  The idea is to ask each guest on the show the same set of questions.  This allows our listeners to see the differences and similarities in our guests.  

  1. What was your first motorcycle?  Why?

  2. Where was your first overnight ride?

  3. What’s your day job? (i.e. what pays for your LD riding?)

  4. Favorite non-motorcycling hobby?

  5. What is your favorite road?

  6. Least favorite road?

  7. Basecamp or Streets & Trips or paper maps?

  8. If you got a new bike, what is the first farkle you are going to put on it?

  9. What is your current motorcycle(s)?  Why?

  10. What was your first rally?

  11. What is your favorite or most interesting bonus  or other location you've visited?

  12. How do you pass the time on long rides?